Within the framework of operative supplies we have the following components:

If you are interested, we are also available to you with regard to other necessary material that we do not mention here

Aleš Karban +420 777 550 189

Ivo Karban +420 776 748 239

dry distribution transformer TESAR Italy, ecodesign, 22 / 0,4kV Dyn1, uk = 6%, IP00 including winding temperature evaluation unit TSX1
1 pc 630kVA
2 pcs 800kVA
1 pc 1000kVA
2 pcs 1250kVA
1 pc 1600kVA

oil refurbished transformer with conservator Bez Bratislava - 250kVA, 22 / 0,4kV Dyn1, uk = 4%, r.v. 1980

active harmonic filter Merus Power Finland 400V
1 x 100A
2 x 200A

high voltage distribution switchboard SAREL Italy 22kV 16kA 630A (secondary version)
2 pcs. I-KS inlet field including surge arrester
1 pc TM-KP transformer field

VAMP Digital Multifunctional Protection, Finland
1 pc VAMP 40

Retrofit switch ABB 6kV (IRODEL)
6 pcs retrofit switch HL (ABB VD4 12kV 1250A 40kA) ZC, VC, MP 220V DC

0 pcs GL311 F1 4031 SF6 high voltage switch ALSTOM 123kV 3150A 40kA without support structure
1xVC, 2xZC 110V DC, MP 230VAC

measuring voltage transformer, measuring current transformer TESAR Italy
1 pc instrument transformer with fuse FB11 22000: V3 / 100: V3-100: V3-100: 3 / 10-10-30VA / 0,5-0,5-3P
3 current instrument current transformer, type AB12 30/5/5 20VA 0.5% 10VA 5P10
3 current instrument current transformer, type AB121 30/5/5 20VA 0.5% 10VA 5P10

power transformer ETRA Slovenia
1 pc 63MVA 110kV / 10.5kV ONAN / ONAF with tap-change control

low voltage reactive power components TDK EPCOS
(compensating contactors, compensating capacitors, filter chokes, reactive power regulators, thyristor switches)