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ARCTEQ flash protection series

ARCTEQ flash protection series AQ 200

Product image ARCTEQ flash protection series AQ 200

AQ 200 SERIES – Protection, control, measuring and monitoring IEDs

The AQ 200 series IEDs provide optimal performance for medium and high voltage protection, control, measurement and monitoring applications. Fully modular hardware construction gives a high level of flexibility; functionality can be added or changed at any point.The AQ 200 is developed on the latest technology, the power of multi-processor architecture takes the accuracy of protection and measurement to a new level.

  • Comprehensive protection for lines, feeders, transformers, generators and motors
  • Bay control, alarm, measurement and monitoring IEDs
  • Large customizable HMI with configurable Mimic diagram Freely configurable alarm leds and function buttons
  • Large flash memory for events, logs, recordings and documentation. 15 000 events and 100 disturbance recordings
  • Easy to use and powerful AQtivate 200 for setting, configuration and analyzing
  • Unique wizards for setting calculations
  • Comprehensive set of communication protocols, including IEC 61850