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ARCTEQ flash protection series

ARCTEQ flash protection series AQ 100

Product image ARCTEQ flash protection series AQ 100

AQ 100 SERIES – The efficient arc protection system

AQ 100 series offers a complete solution to arc flash protection. The AQ 100 is designed utilizing the most modern technology with a focus on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. It is built to meet the growing demands in both LV and MV switchgear and controlgear applications ranging from basic stand-alone to more complex system solutions.

The AQ 100 series is designed and tested according to the latest protection relay standards and is hence suitable for installations in any environment, such as utility, power plant, wind-power, off shore, marine, oil and gas, mining, steel or any other heavy industry application and as well commercial and institutional electrical systems. The AQ 100 modular design makes it an excellent candidate for both new and retrofit installations.


  • As fast as 2ms trip time
  • Connectivity to arc quenching system type AQ 1000 and AQ 2000 for rapid arc extinguishing


  • Easy adaptation to any switchgear and trip scheme
  • Variety of arc sensors available
  • Long distance possible between units
  • Practically an unlimited number of units can be interconnected in one system


  • Standard hard-wiring practice for communication between units
  • Superior isolation level for external disturbances - tested at the highest EMC classes
  • Selectable binary input threshold voltages
  • Full self-supervision of all system components and interconnections


  • AQ 100 Standard Arc Scheme (AQ-SAS*) approach for fast engineering and simple setting
  • Auto-configuration feature with one push-button operation
  • Installation downtime often limited to hours


  • Careful component selection optimizes the AQ 100 cost structure
  • Use of standard cables for interconnection and sensor wiring
  • Quick install of sensors and wires
  • Cables can be cut to length on site