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Reactive power compensation

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Finnish manufacturer of passive compensation components and equipment operating in the market for over 60 years. More than 25 years of collaboration with Nokian Capacitors.

The advantage of the production plant is the complexity of the offer:

design, production of components (condensers and chokes (reactors)) and design of complete systems under "one roof" Currently, the company belongs to the General Electric energy group.

Production profile for medium, high and very high voltage reactive power compensation:

  • High Voltage Compensating Capacitors up to 1Mvar / 14kV - Unit, Three Phase to 6.6kV - 600kvar \ t
  • Compensating capacitor blocks - banks up to 1000Mvar / 750kV
  • Short-circuit limiting reactors (current limiting reactors)
  • Filter Chokes - Reactors (Harmonic Filters) - Harmonic Filtering
  • Start-up start-up reactors (start of motors in MW)
  • Compensation reactors, compensation reactors (decompensation reactors / chokes) up to 50Mvar and 50kV
  • Thyristor controlled compensation reactors (TCR) in the order of tens of Mvar
  • Earth reactors (quench reactor - choke)
  • Switching limiting reactors (limiting current)
  • Filter Compensation Devices - Filters (FKZ)
  • SVC (static variable compensators)
  • Serial capacitors (SC)

Selected references in the Czech Republic and Slovakia:

1) supply of filter-compensating equipment for railways of the Slovak Republic ŽSR overall 8 stations filter 3 and 5 harmonic and decompensation branches (2 x 6Mvar) 25kV 1F 50 Hz

2) CEPS - Czech Electricity Transmission System - Switching Station 400 / 110kV Sokolnice, Customer EGE - Assembly - Delivery of 3 Compensation Chokes 30Mvar / 33kV (90Mvar)

3) Seps - Slovak Electrification Transmission System - 400 / 110kV Stupava substation, ELEKTROVOD customer - 6 pcs of compensating chokes 15Mvar / 10kV and 3 pcs of short-circuit limiting reactors 5000A / 10kV